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Brand HRSB

Certification CU-TR/EAC API

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The F series mud pumps are developed by our company independently, which include F-500, F-800, F-1000, F-1300, and F-1600 pumps in the metric system or in the British system. The products keep the features in F series including advanced structure, small size, reliability, and easy to maintenance. The products by Rongsheng have employed the same manufacturing technologies and quality standards as products provided by Baoshi and Lanshi companies in the Chinese market.
Gear Pair
It adopts a herringbone gear transmission with larger transmission torque and stable performance.
The frame is welded with steel plates. The pinion shaft bearing seat and the upper and bottom seats of the crankshaft are made of cast steel and the frame is processed to eliminate stress after welding, therefore, it has good stiffness and strength. The bottom seat of the crankshaft adopts slab reinforced structures. There are necessary oil sump and oil pipeline system within the machine frame, which are used for cooling and lubrication.
The crankshaft is made of cast alloy steel. The inner bore of the herringbone gear and the crankshaft are jointed together by interference fit and fastened by bolts and locknuts. Both sides of the crankshaft are equipped with double row spherical roller bearings to the heart so as to ensure the stability in operation and to improve the bearing capacity.
Pinion Shaft
It is made of forging alloy steel. On the shaft, there is herringbone gear whose tooth surfaces are of medium hardness. There is a shaft extension at both ends, where belt wheels or chain wheels may be installed.
The integral crosshead is cast with nodular cast iron, so the crosshead has good resistance to abrasion. Apart form RS-F500 drilling pumps, which adopt guide tube structure, all other crosshead guides are made up of an upper and a bottom guide. Gaskets may be added under the crosshead guide to regulate the concentricity. The extension rod is connected to the crosshead by a flange with a pin so as to ensure the concentricity of the crosshead and the extension rod. The packing adopts a double sealing structure, which realizes good seal performance.
Fluid Cylinder
The fluid cylinder is made of forged alloy steel. The RS-F series pumps adopt straight-through type cylinders, with sawtooth threads at the top side. They are small in size and the volumetric efficiency is very high. The cylinder surface is processed by nickel-phosphor plating in order to increase their resistance to corrosion. The three cylinders of a pump are interchangeable.
Valve Assembly
F500 adopts API#5 valves, RS-F800, and FS-F1000 drilling pump adopt API#6 valves, RS-F1300 and FS-F1600 drilling pumps adopt API#7 valves, RS-F2200 drilling pump adopts API#8 valves and the parts of the fluid end of F800 and F1000 are interchangeable. The parts of the fluid end of RSF1300 and RS-F1600 are interchangeable.
Lubrication System
The lubrication system adopts pressure lubrication combining with splash lubrication, or otherwise, it may also adopt external motor-driven lubrication according to the user.
The Spraying System
The spraying system is composed of a spraying pump, a water tank, and spraying pipes. The spraying pump is a centrifugal pump. It can be driven by a belt wheel installed on either side of the pinion shaft or by a motor, using water as cooling and lubricating liquid.
Cantilever Hoister System
In order to reduce the labor intensity of drilling workers, and for easy field operation, the RS-F1300 and RS-F1600 pumps are equipped with a cantilever hoister, which is used to help to remove or replace the liner or other parts of the fluid end.
F Series P Series 3NB Series W Series PAH Series TEE Series Mud Pump-Engine Packages
RS-F500 8-P-80 RS-3NB1300 W-440 PAH-350 TEE-300
RS-F800 9-P-100 RS-3NB1600 W-446    
RS-F800FT 10-P-130   W-447    
RS-QF800 12-P-160        
RS-F1000 RS-P1600HL        


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