Service Agreements


The User (also referred to “the Registered Member” or “You”) is reminded to read through the Agreement before registering as a member by clicking and accepting the clauses. You are strongly advised to contemplate and comprehend the clauses with the utmost caution, especially those in bold, including but not limited to the exemption or limitation of liability clause and the resolution of disputes clause. You may contact Erui International Electric Commerce Co., Ltd.’s Platform Customer Service Center for any question about the Registered Member Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to “Agreement”).


The User accepts all the clauses hereunder by clicking the “I Agree” button while in registration. If you disagree with the agreement or any clause hereunder while in reading, you must exit from the registration process immediately. You acknowledge that all your behaviors by the token of these digital signatures will be final and binding upon you. You hereby waive all your rights or privileges what you may enjoy to challenge the validity, enforceability and effectiveness of these digital signatures.


The “Agreement” is made and entered into by and between the User (the “Registered Member” or “You”) and Erui International Electric Commerce Co., Ltd. (the “Platform Operator” or “Erui”) (jointly, the “Parties”), which is the operator of Erui E-commerce Platform (the “Platform”, or “”), concerning the Parties’ contractual rights and obligations. The User is reminded to read through the Agreement with caution and care.

1. Acceptance >>>>>>

1.1 The terms and conditions of the Agreement (the “Conditions” or “Clauses”), which apply to any services, sales, partnership and any cooperation project provided for the Registered Member by the Platform, include the body text hereof and any and all rules, regulations and notices issued or to be issued by the Platform and its enacted, amended or novated version, no matter You will play the role of vendor, purchaser, global partner or strategic partner, which form an integral part of the Agreement and are equally binding as the body text. The Registered Member agrees to accept and be bound by the content of the rules, regulations and notices while using the services, sales, partnership and any cooperation project provided by the Platform.

1.2 The Platform is entitled, as it deems necessary, to make any moderations or revisions to the Agreement from time to time by issuing public notices on its Official Website “” (the “Website”). You acknowledge that the public notice on the Website will be sufficient for notice to you. No separate notice will be issued to the Registered Member. The Registered Member may log onto the Website from time to time to check for the newest version of the Agreement and shall, from time to time, pay attention to and read the newest version of the Agreement and the notice on the Website.

1.3 Any Registered Member who disputes any new moderations to the Clauses may immediately stop using the services provided by the Platform and apply for deregistration upon fulfilling the outstanding obligations hereunder. Nothing in the deregistration will relieve you from the outstanding obligations hereunder before the date of deregistration. As long as the Registered Member continues to use the services provided the Platform to apply to any services, sales, partnership and any cooperation project, You shall be deemed to have accepted the moderations, and, in case of any disputes between the Registered Members and the Platform, the newest version of the Agreement shall govern.

1.4 The Registered Member, whether a juridical person or other entity or a natural person, hereby represents and warrants that when You accept the Agreement and becomes a member of the Platform, You has full legal and civil capacity, power and authority conferred by law and your entity and can bear any civil obligations and responsibilities independently. If the Registered Member does not come up to any of the foregoing qualifications, You shall immediately deregister as a member or stop using any services provided by the Platform. You may be required to prove your representations and warrants, but nothing about proof will free you of the obligations and responsibilities.

2. Platform Services, Membership Class and Membership Fees >>>>>>

3. Member Registration >>>>>>

4. Account Security >>>>>>

5. Rights and Obligations of the Registered Member >>>>>>

6. Rights and Obligations of the Platform >>>>>>

7. Conclusion and Performance >>>>>>

8. Payment Service >>>>>>

9. Suspension and Termination of Service >>>>>>

10.Scope of Liability and Exceptions >>>>>>

11.Business Secret and Information Disclosure >>>>>>

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