Shale Shaker Screens Fit M-I SWACO MD-3 Series Shaker|Composite Material Frame|API 20~API200

Shale shaker screens fit M-I SWACO MD-3 series shaker|Composite material frame|API 20~API200

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Compound oil vibrating screen is welded by the square pipe, reinforcement fixed, and then unified injection. The oil vibratory screen is a kind of commonly used petroleum vibrating screen, which is mainly composed of steel frame and 2 or 3 layers of mesh cloth tightly combined on the frame. The frame is made of high strength square steel tube or flat steel welded together, with several reinforced bars. The mesh cloth can be combined with the frame through metal lining plate or directly bonded to the frame. Each screen is provided with a special rubber plug to repair the surface damage. Our factory can produce steel frame screen of various sizes according to different customers' requirements. The characteristics of this type of screen are as follows:

1. The mesh number of each layer of screen cloth is different, accurate and reasonable collocation can make the screen effect more detailed.

2. High strength steel frame and support bars, with a moderate tension of the screen, to form a reliable unit, greatly increased the screen can withstand the flow, strength and service life.

3. The wedge-shaped quick tensioning device makes the screen more convenient and saves the downtime for replacement.

4. The lining plate grid will be divided into a number of independent small mesh surface, can prevent local damage excessive expansion, while there is a special rubber plug to repair damage, can save time, reduce the use cost.


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