Rig Service

When your rig equipment stops working due to a malfunction, it is a very painful thing. Regardless of the brands of your rig, we can assign the most professional service team to provide on-site maintenance services for your rig equipment, quickly troubleshoot the equipment and bring it back to normal operation.
Service Scope

Installation &

1. According to rig specification and acceptance standard:
Make an installation plan
Make a commissioning outline
Send appropriate engineers
2. Both parties sign and deliver.

Rig Move

According to mast structure and rig specification:
Make a hoisting, lowering and transportation plan of the mast
Send suitable engineers and translators

Modification &

1. Equipment evaluation
Provide extensive engineers to inspect equipment status
Provide equipment inspection report, including
2. Project design
Provide professional equipment upgrade technical solutions
Provide professional equipment maintenance and modification plan
3. Installation and commissioning service

Testing &

1. Each equipment is repaired together to reduce failure rate in the running process.
Recertification for structural parts according to API CAT Ⅲ or API CAT Ⅳ
Inspection or overhaul according to equipment running manual
2. Personnel are equipped with the specific demand


1. Inspection scope: ground equipment for drilling and workover rig.
2. Inspection result:
including damage, missing equipment and spare parts list
3. Find failures and hidden troubles and handle in time
4. Decrease failure rate of the equipment and guarantee normal running
Reduce work load of repair, Decrease maintenance cost
Short downtime, Equipment in a good condition.


1. Provide experienced engineers to inspect and maintain the equipment in time.
2. Equipped with professional tools and equipment.
3. Propose essential spare parts plan to ensure equipment's normal operation.
4. Trouble shooting of the equipment in time.


Service scope: ground equipment for drilling rig and workover rig.
Issue the inspection report, including damage, missing equipment and spare parts list.
Deal with problems on site, and assist in maintenance of equipment failure.
Issue solutions for problems which cannot be done with on site.
Find failures and hidden troubles and handle in time.
Decrease failure rate of the equipment and guarantee normal running.
Successful Case

Drilling rig inspection and recertification service case

From November 12, 2019 to December 10, 2020, ERUI has received 6 sets of drilling rig inspection and recertification services from T client in Africa. Even during the COVID-19 epidemic period, ERUI engineers continue to provide services for the customers with professional skills.

Equipment modification case

In December 2019, N client has the requirement to upgrade their drilling rig from conventional to fast-moving type in Africa. ERUI engineers provided the client with customized trailer moving modification proposal after on site survey, including mast trailer, substructure trailer, mud pump trailer, generator room trailer. With the efforts of ERUI, the rig and main components were equipped with suitable "feet".

Repair and recertification service case

Customer R has the planed to reuse the 2000HP skid-mounted drilling rig which has been kept idle for more than 6 years, the upgrading and recertification job was awarded to ERUI. ERUI totally sent 5 mechanical engineers, 3 electrical engineers and 1 inspection engineer to the site and the engineers inspected the whole rig package comprehensively according to API Related standards ( API 4G, API 7L, API 7K, API 8C, API 8B). Finally, the rig was risen up again.

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