Excellent Brands and Efficient Services

ERUI is committed to building an efficient supply chain in the field of oil and gas energy by integrating top suppliers, providing direct-to-supplier procurement services, high-quality products at competitive prices and fast delivery services.

13Global Warehouses

2,000+High Quality Suppliers

3,000+Active Buyers




Direct Supplier Quotation

Direct supplier quotation is provided to better benefit the customers on ERUI platform. ERUI provides full support for customers from sourcing to delivery by the integration of resources and services in the whole industrial chain.

Quick Local Delivery

Relying on the global service network, overseas warehouses and international logistics distribution, ERUI provides one-stop integrated solution services for customers in more than 50 countries, and provides personalized local services through sub websites and SaaS platforms.

Certified by Top Agencies

All products provided by brand suppliers on ERUI platform have passed the quality certification of world top agencies, meet the same quality standards as world-class brands. ERUI guarantees the quality of all products and provides return and exchange services.