Technical Solutions

ERUI has signed strategic cooperation agreements with BV, SGS and other international well-known third-party agencies in quality management system certification, product quality process control and product certification.

Drilling & Completion

Efficient Removal of Deeply Plugged Oil Well

In the development of the oil and gas reservoir, deep formation plugging always happens Unfortunately,the conventional plug removal technologies usually have some shortages, such as complex procedure, high operating cost, short effective period, and so on As for this, this article introduce an mature efficient plug removal technology, named hydraulic sand jet perforation, and the technology has lots of advantages, including simple procedure, low operating cost (completion in several hours), long treatment radius and good effect (treatment radius above 1m)

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Expandable Tubular Technology

All about Expandable Tubular Technology: 1. Problems the industry faced; 2. Introduction of Expandable Tubular Technology; 3. The Advantages of Expandable Tubular Technology; 4. Applications of Expandable Casing Technology

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Wellbore Cleaning Technology, Solutions, Tools

This solution introduces the well - cleaning operations for optimizing wellbore storage and circulation environment. With the increase of deep well and ultra deep well developing, drilling is becoming more and more difficult, and oil companies are more and more sensitive to the input-output ratio. Problems during drilling and oil recovery. Expandable well technology solves the above problems and becomes one of the core technologies of the oil drilling industry in the 21st century. This solution Introduces the Expandable Tubular Technology, involving Expandable casing and Expandable screem.

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10 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Drilling Efficiency & Rate (ROP)

Best solutions and tools for improving drilling efficiency and rate of penetration (ROP). There is a developed coring technology and matching coring bits for conventional coring form keeping coring directional and horizontal wells coring coring in air drilling hydrates pressure and temperature preservation coring cores post treatment etc. At the moment there are two series and 11 types of coring tools to meet the needs of conventional coring form keeping coring and sealed coring for the soft broken deep wells and shale formations with various wellbore sizes and the core recovery percentage is more than 90%.

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Oil Recovery & Production

Sand Control Technology

Loose sandstone and long-term water flooding oil wells will cause a large amount of sand production in oil wells. In order to prevent sand production, on the one hand, correctly choose cementing and completion methods according to oil layer and oil well conditions, then make reasonable production measures and control production pressure difference; On the other hand, according to the requirements of the oil layer and the production process, the corresponding sand control technology is adopted to ensure the normal production of the oil well.

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Separated Layer Water Injection Technology

Water injection exploitation refers to the injection of water into the reservoir through special injection wells during the development of the oilfield to maintain or restore the pressure of the reservoir, so that the reservoir has a strong driving force to increase the rate of exploitation and recovery of the reservoir.

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Water Shut-off and Profile Control Technology

Water plugging and profile control is a method to improve water flooding efficiency and enhance oil recovery (EOR); Profile control refers to the operation of sealing the high permeable layer from the injection well, and water injection profile can be adjusted; Water pluging refers to the operation of plugging high permeability layers from oil wells to reduce water production in oil wells.

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Removal & Anti-paraffin Technology

Removal & anti-paraffin technology refers to a process that prevents paraffin precipitation in well fluids by mechanical, thermal, and chemical methods or removes paraffin that has precipitated and adhered to oil well pipe walls, deep well pumps, sucker rods and other equipment.

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Oilfield Digitization Technology

Oilfield digitization can generally be described as: taking oilfields as the research object, using computers and high-speed networks as carriers, and using spatial coordinate information as a reference to highly integrate various data of oilfield production and management. Based on the establishment of various optimization models of oilfield production and management processes, simulation and virtual technologies are used to visualize data in multiple dimensions, so as to realize the horizontal coverage of the entire oilfield area, and the vertical position of the oilfield from the ground to the underground. The overall information analysis capabilities of the oilfield to support the in-depth needs of key businesses such as oilfield exploration and development. As a whole, it assists the decision-making analysis of oilfield operation and management, and further explores the potential value of each link to create a good information support environment for the sustainable development of oilfield enterprises.

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Multi-heat Fluid Generator - EOR Method

Multi-heat Fluid Generator ERUI’s Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods and case studies of successful projects. Using the rocket launch principle, fuel (diesel oil, crude oil or natural gas) and air are injected into the generator to burn, steam, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are composed of high temperature and high pressure multi thermal fluid, which can be widely used in the development of heavy oil field.

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Oilfield Chemicals Solutions

Corrosion and Scale Inhibition Technology

Corrosion and scale inhibition technology refers to the development, evaluation and application of chemical substances or chemicals that can disperse insoluble inorganic salts in water, prevent or interfere with the precipitation and scaling of insoluble inorganic salts on metal surfaces, and can prevent or slow down the corrosion of materials. Composite technology.

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Crude Oil Demulsification Technology

Because some solids are difficult to dissolve in water, when one or more of these solids exist in a large amount in the aqueous solution, under the agitation of hydraulic or external power, these solids can exist in the water in an emulsified state to form an emulsion. Oil-water mixtures and water-oil mixtures will form a relatively stable water-in-oil or oil-in-water structure in these two phases. The theoretical basis is "electric double layer structure". In this case, add some medicament to destroy the stable electric double layer structure and stabilize the emulsified system, so as to achieve the purpose of two-phase separation. This kind of technology is called crude oil demulsification technology, and these agents for destroying emulsification are called demulsifiers.

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Water Shutoff and Profile Control Technique

General polymer liquid material plugs the flooding channel of injector by adjusting the viscosity of material and construction parameters Profile control agent can not only enter the large flooding channel but also the oil layer of non-flooding channel This article introduce the new Blocking agent has liquid fluidity and high thixotropy of solid skeletal structure to ensure fully filling the top part (horizontally) of water (steam, gas) channeling paths or big channels.

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Free Sand-fixing Technology

Sand control in powder sandstone, argillaceous fine sand rock oil well and gas well development has always been a difficult problem In the case of fine sand, the sand filter pipe will be seriously blocked, and the production capacity will decrease rapidly after being put into operation The problem of gas well is more prominent, due to the blockage of the sand filter pipe, the production capacity is reduced rapidly on the one hand; on the other hand, the other blockage of the other side causes partial concentration of the gas pressure, and the sand-filtering pipe blow-through will cause the sand-proof failure, which is a serious problem that is common and difficult to solve The problems mentioned above can be solved effectively by shaft block-free chemical sand-fixing technology.

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Improve Polymer Injection Effects

The conceptual scheme is mainly aimed at T oilfield polymer flooding test area at South America. In early stage, most wells had response, and the overall fluid and oil production in pilot area increased. In mid-to-late stage2C multiple wells had a sharp rise in polymer concentration and glide in oil production.The results of pilot test differ from prediction. The water cut almost reached 90 until 2014 After a comprehensive analysis of information, find out the question crux. According to different conditions, puts forward some countermeasures to improve the effect of polymer injection and the follow-up research work.

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