JQH-10×24 Air Winch

JQH-10×24 Air Winch

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Guarantee Period 12months

Source of Supply Shandong

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Product Information

JQH air winch is a single-drum winch powered by a piston type air motor. It is mainly used for transporting or lifting heavy objects in oil well drilling (including offshore oil drilling), exploration and mining of metal mines and coal mines and building engineering. Due to its features such as small volume, light weight, adjustable speed, convenient carrying and quick installation, it is applicable to downhole operations in mining industry. For example, it can dispatch and tow mine car in loading station for well excavation and recovery and lifting and towing heavy objects such as tools and machinery in downhole narrow roadway.


Technical Parameters:

1. Maximum lifting weight (kN): 10; 2. Maximum rope speed (m/min): 24; 3. Rated power (kw): 2.6; 4. Rated air inlet pressure: 0.8; 5. Wireline diameter (mm): ∅11; 6. Boundary dimensions (mm): 690×370×565~735×400×659; 7. Weight (kg): 176.


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